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About Cloud Mindfulness

I started Cloud Mindfulness after realizing how deeply my own practice has benefited me. I have less anxiety--mindfulness has helped me manage my stress and regulate my emotions. More than anything, though, strengthening my relationship with the present has significantly decreased the amount of denial I experience, and this has made my life so much more fulfilling and enjoyable.  

As a mindfulness teacher, I can bring awareness to your relationship with the present and how you receive it. I can help you see your life for what it is and accept it this way. We cannot avoid suffering, but we can become better at coping with it. Once we step out of denial and into acceptance, most of us discover the motivation to act and change our lives in remarkable ways.

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I work in person in Orange County, CA, and the surrounding area (and online everywhere). 

--Jaime Campbell, Certified Mindfulness and Compassion Meditation Teacher


Current Offerings

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