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***Making Mindfulness Your Own***

Business Mindfulness Workshops

Book a customized mindfulness workshop for your employees

  • customized options
  • Your Southern California-based business or online

Service Description

Certified mindfulness teacher Jaime Campbell will work with you to customize a workshop theme relevant to your employees' daily responsibilities and then come to your business to host the event. Available in person in Southern California (Orange County and surrounding area only) or online (anywhere). Length and themes can be customized toward your employees' duties and job descriptions, but some sample options are: *Establishing and Personalizing Your Daily Mindfulness Practice *Mindfulness and Customer Service *Mindful Work Habits in the Office Reach out to Jaime Campbell at (find active email link just below in the footer) or call/ text at (714) 317-8832 to discuss what theme is right for you, set a price (based on workshop length, location, and number of participants), and schedule a date for the workshop.

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